The post-mining

What is
the post-mining

The post-mining landscape is the area between the cities of Havířov, Karviná and Orlová. This area has been deeply impacted by a long history of coal mining, but today only five mines are still active, and they are all awaiting phased closure. The closure of the last mines will not only affect the landscape; it will have a huge impact on life throughout the entire region. At the same time, the phasing-out of coal mining offers a broad range of opportunities for developing this unique landscape so it will be able to provide both utility and pleasure to local communities and visitors. In response to this unprecedented opportunity, the Moravian-Silesian Region has commissioned the creation of a Development Concept for the Post-Mining Landscape of the Karviná Region.

We have
a vision for
the area’s future!

The Development Concept for the Post-Mining Landscape of the Karviná Region has been created by Moravian-Silesian Investment and Development (MSID), a company owned by the Moravian-Silesian Region. Covering the period up to 2030, the Development Concept aims to transform the area into a prosperous territory that lives a diverse and sustainable life. We see the current situation as the starting point for a process of development that will make the entire area attractive and accessible to people and new ideas. We intend to develop the area in line with modern trends, emphasizing climate neutrality and sustainability.

The post-mining landscape offers boundless potential that cries out for a modern, conceptual, fully integrated approach. It has unique fauna and flora. It is a part of our natural world that is dealing with the consequences of long-term coal mining. Its geological infrastructure was created in the Paleozoic Era. In short, the post-mining landscape is entirely unique. That’s why we intend to apply modern, forward-looking methods and innovative approaches to ensure that this fascinating area will attract global attention and serve people and local communities.

The post-mining
landscape in 2030...

... is an area which, after centuries of exploitation, is again flourishing and prospering thanks to an integrated conceptual approach. It is becoming a hotbed for advanced technologies thanks to its strong research and development infrastructure. It is self-sufficient in energy, with a fully integrated smart network under virtual control. It is a place that has embraced an entirely new, forward-looking vision of the world, applying principles that minimize human impacts on our climate. All the development activities underway in the area incorporate a strong ecological dimension. In 2030 the post-mining landscape is a unique and inspirational model – a beacon of best practice for transforming landscapes throughout the world.


without barriers or hazards, accessible to people – an escape from the city, a playground for leisure, recreation, tourism and new experiences. A place of constant transformation.


attracting creative innovators with a global perspective, offering a space for discovery and experimentation. A place that embraces progress, a hub for creative thinking and information-sharing, a place to try out bold new business ideas and community activities.


supporting energy-efficient, carbon-neutral technologies, making smart use of its own renewable resources. An eco-friendly landscape that energizes its people and communities.